We may never see new worlds in our lifetime. We may never see the first human to land on Mars, (sorry Elon Musk). One thing we will see in our life times is the advancement in robotics. With companies like Boston Dynamics, Hankook Mirae Technology, and Moley we’re more likely to see the rise ofContinue reading “Robotics”

Coding and Modding

Life is boring, but we have our digital escapes. One such escape comes in the form of video games. But we’re not just limited to just programming games when it comes to coding. In today’s world there’s plenty of applications for coding and programming. With a background in programming, one could have a future inContinue reading “Coding and Modding”

Laptop Repair

A computer is essential in the modern age. The majority of us remember a time when they weren’t so prominent in our lives and how slow things were processed through traditional means. Now days everyone has a computer and for most of us, that computer is a laptop. Since laptops are designed to be compactContinue reading “Laptop Repair”