Terraforming Mars

We’ve seen it in science fiction movies and books where Mars is an inhabitable world. The idea of one day terraforming Mars has been up for discussion and some billionaires want to make that dream a reality. It’s entirely possible to turn that lifeless red sphere into a habitable planet, but the problem is that it won’t be in our lifetime. It’s going to take multiple life times to the point where the people in charge of working on making a breathable atmosphere may even experience mutations after so many generations.

Mars has a ton of obstacles to overcome: the atmospheric pressure is less than one percent; most greenhouse gasses are locked in mineral deposits; there’s not enough water frozen in the north and south poles to create enough atmospheric pressure to lock in heat; the planet has low gravity; There’s no protection from the sun’s radiation. It’s cold and unforgiving, just like the Roman god of war.


These problems can be overcome in time, but we need to take baby steps before establishing a Mars colony. Our best bet is going to be seeing if it’s possible to set up domed settlements on the moon before we even attempt to send astronauts to Mars. A moon base would be costly due to the fact that they can’t support themselves without intervention from Earth. They could cultivate plats in a greenhouse environment, but they would need a sufficient power source like a nuclear reactor. Plants alone won’t be enough to recycle the air, so they would need to have a reactor that can convert CO2 into fuel and other byproducts. However, being self sufficient is going to require a lot of power.

All this will weigh a hefty price. The cost of sending supplies back and forth for years on end until a self-sustaining colony can be achieved alone would probably bankrupt a small country. There’s no telling how many years it will take to establish anything self-sufficient and the rocket fuel it’s self will cost 16 million dollars per year, not to mention paying the engineers working on the project, food and supplies, on site accident, and paying the medical professionals. All those costs add up to nearly 35 billion dollars.

If we can somehow manage to overcome the challenges and cost of establishing a moon base, then we can do the same to Mars. Overtime the domed settlements of Mars will pump out enough carbon dioxide to create an atmosphere, but that’s after going through the same processes.

In the end, a planet is slowly terraformed over possibly thousands of years and the planet with an actual breathable atmosphere is mismanaged to death. We could be focusing our attention on re-terraforming earth instead of wasting, lives, resources, and man power on an investment that will take thousands of years. Besides, in the time it would take to make Mars habitable, we might have the technology to travel to another earth like planet instead.  

For more information on terraforming Mars check out Nasa’s web site: click here

Colonizing Your Own Land

Housing prices have been through the roof. It’s hard to find something cheap and affordable. So why not build a house? Undeveloped land can go for pretty cheap in some areas and all we need to do is start building, but we can make it easy on ourselves. Shipping container houses provide an easy way to establish a dwelling that is cheap and easy to set up. Shipping Container Home Made Easy has devolved a guide that is easy to follow with step by step instructions on how to make a shipping container home a reality for us all. To learn more click here.

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