Coronavirus: Media Driven Hysteria

October 30th, 1938 The War of the Worlds was aired. The broadcast resulted in the first ever media driven mass hysteria. We like to think that we’ve moved passed that, but that truly isn’t the case. Every year there’s something new to panic over. SARS, the swine flu, the Ebola virus, Zika virus, and most recently the Coronavirus. Let’s face it, the media is bunch of companies trying to sell stories and what sells the most is fear.

The Coronavirus has been blown out of proportion. For most people it might even feel like the common cold when contracted, just with an added Bronchitis feeling. Some people may have already had it and not realized it. The Coronavirus has an incubation period of two to fourteen day which means one may be infected without realization. It spreads like any other seasonal pathogens too.

So, the real danger lies in how we use information. Never before have we been blasted with new stories than in the last fifteen years. Constantly driving home, the fear and mass panic of a new disease. Every social media page, every website, and television broadcast has cranked up the Coronavirus coverage. It’s bound to get clicks, page views, and video likes. Disinformation like never before, with added end of days zombie movie appeal.

It’s just the world we live in. With a constant barrage of information at our fingertips, we cling to the ones that have the most emotional impact. We look to the articles that could affect us the most. It’s a strange experience to watch the media cause such a reaction. But they kept reporting and selling fear and now everyone is an anxious mess over a virus that will have less impact than the flu. We need to check facts and make opinions for our selves and react accordingly. Despite being part of a digital hive mind, we need to think for ourselves.

The Market in the Wake of the Coronavirus

The stock market has plummeted to extreme lows. It’s a scary time to invest. However when the media lays off the fear button, we can stand to earn more by investing. Think about that high return when it bounces back. One could start with a subscription to Trade Addicts when the time is right. For more information on how to navigate the stock market in such a dreadful time check them out: click here.

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