Vaccine Film: How the Coronavirus Vaccine will be Delivered

virus 3d illustration

No body likes needles. They’re painful and most people have a phobia towards them. Not only will it be hard to deliver the vaccination for the Coronavirus when the hard-working medical professionals make it, but getting everyone to get injected with it is a different story. It’s also hard to store vaccines on top of all that. So, getting people in third world countries vaccinated for the Coronavirus while they don’t have any power to refrigerate it is a nightmare.

The University of Texas has a solution in the form of a rapid dissolving film. Inspired by how fossilized amber seals in Jurassic mosquito and hard candy that dissolves in saliva, they’ve invented a method for trapping and suspending viruses in between two peel able strips. The strips are made from natural ingredients such as sugars and salts, but synthesized just right so it doesn’t kill the viruses or crystallize. It’s cheep to make and stores at room temperature.    


This is a huge break though especially in third world countries where a little over half the population’s mortality rates are due to infectious disease. With a cheap and easy to store vaccine in the works, they can greatly lower their funeral costs and live longer. Areas without power or remote villages can no longer be an obstacle when it comes to ridding the world of a plague.    

Sadly, we have to put up with needles until this new innovation comes our way. It’s going to take some time before they can perfect it. One day needles will be a thing of the past in the medical field, but still common place for heroin addicts. The future of vaccinations might be as easy as a priest slapping the body of Christ wafer on your tongue during a Sunday mass. Or big pharma could just stamp it out because it disrupts their bottom line.     

Vaccines without needles – new shelf-stable film could revolutionize how medicines are distributed worldwide

Taking Advantage of a Horrible Situation

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