AI and Medicine

We’ve advance so far in the medical field over the last hundred years, but doctors can only go so far with their extensive medical knowledge. With drug resistant bacteria and new viruses springing up all the time, the medical industry could use a helping hand. Machine learning is what big pharmaceutical companies and the top medical researchers have been looking into. Artificial intelligence could open up a new world of medical treatment with its ability to recognize patterns, ability to analyze patient DNA, and sift through thousands of documents on clinical trials.

Recently MIT’s AI was able to synthesize new drugs to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii and Enterobacteriaceae. This is cutting edge because those two strains of bacteria were considered high priority pathogens by the World Health Organization. Halicin, the name of the AI, uses a deep learning algorithm to study pathogens and find what could safely eliminate them. The AI, with its vast library of medical data can then find the best way to make a new drug or series of treatments that best suit the patient.  


With Artificial intelligence comes new ways to pin point health issues. The pattern recognition abilities of learning machines can find infections and cancer faster than the average doctor. This is advantageous because it gives medical professionals more time to treat and cure an infection or disease before it can spiral out of control. The currently artificial intelligence algorithms have spotted problems in patients twelve hours sooner than their human counterparts. That half day period could mean life or death for someone who has a serious infection that could lead to shock.

With engineering and health organizations coming together, there’s a brighter tomorrow with what learning machines can do to help humanity. We might even see that science fiction medical bed that can quickly diagnose a person become reality. The advance surgery bed from Prometheus can be at our local hospital within the next twenty years for all we know. So long as the AI doesn’t go rampant, we could find ourselves in a world with fewer diseases.    

Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time

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