Flash Proton Therapy

Radiation treatment is a long and painful process. It leaves many patients sick for months on end and barley able to eat anything. Not only does it damage normal tissue, but the cancer can become resistant. At most the survival rate for someone on chemo therapy over a five-year period is around forty-seven percent. It’s almost like surviving by a flip of a coin. However, with Flash Proton Therapy, the tumors are targeted directly.

Like a bullet from a sniper rife, it kills its target with little to no collateral damage. Using x-rays to carry photons, it stops the growth of tumors making it benign and removable without giving it a chance to grow. For some reason, the healthy tissue is not affected after the quick radiation burst. It’s way safer for the patient. They don’t have to live in agony for months on end.

Scientists are still researching the effects of Flash Photon Therapy. They are not entirely sure on why it only kills cancerous tissue. They believe it has something to do with the amount of oxygen in healthy cells versus that of cell in a tumor. But, it’s payback time for cancer non the less.

Aiming the device that delivers the proton burst is not an easy task. It has to be precise with a moving target. It’s like aiming in the fourth dimension due to the fact that they have to take time into consideration. Especially when it comes to areas like the lungs and heart, no one is every perfectly still. Which is why Stanford University is working on a better tracking and aiming system with their Faser division of Slac.

It will take some time for Flash Proton therapy to move from it’s testing stages to use on patients. When it’s more common place, it will hopefully prove to be a more effective method of dealing with cancer. If they can hit their mark perfectly every time, then the cancer survival rate will no longer become a coin toss. The expense will be a different story though.


Do You Like Adventuring?

Growing up, I played a bunch of open world style video games and always wondered if there was a way to make a living like that. Over the years I’ve found a few ways to live like that. It’s not always a guarantee that it’s a successful way to live. but what’s life without a bit of risk?

Here’s a list of three different ways you could live like an adventurer in the modern day:

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  2. Writing is another great way to work when you want and where you want. All it takes is spelling, grammar, and a story to tell. you could travel or get into some trouble then write about it. Alternatively you could write for someone else. With writershelpwanted you can jump on their job board and find a company or website that wants to hear what you have to say. If you’re interested in their job board then check them out. Click here
  3. If you really like to travel but don’t like the lack of structure of working for yourself, then how about becoming a commercial pilot? Visit exotic lands while getting paid. All you need is an associates degree, nerves of steal, and a willingness to learn to fly. While completepilot can’t help you with the associates degree, the can help you learn how to pilot an aircraft. If you’re interested in making that dream of flying a reality, check them out. Click here

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