Scaling Down: Particle Accelerator on a Chip

Massive particle accelerators have opened our eyes to what lies inside the structures that make up our reality. With every proton fired at an atom, we learn more about the forces that make up matter itself. But what if we were to scale that structure down? That’s the mind set behind Stanford’s Accelerator on a chip.   

Unlike the massive particle accelerators, a different train of through went into making these chips. Rather than using magnetism and microwaves to propel a particle, it uses lasers and nano fibers to move electrons. The laser is position in just the right angle to cause a magnetic pulse on the nano fibers propelling the electrons at greater and greater speeds. The nano fiber channels are set up like tiny uniformed mesas to maximize this effect. It’s kind of like hitting every speed boost in Mario Carts, but instead of maintaining maximum speed, there’s way more acceleration.

This chip has applications in the medical field. Replacing big bulky Xray machines for a smaller light weight device. It’s like taking the old room size computers from the nineteen sixties and seventies then turning it into a personal computer. The smaller format makes it easy for this device to be placed under the skin. This can be used for a more targeted form of chemo therapy.

More applications are yet to come, but in the meantime, this is a huge step. This may pave the way for lighter more powerful machines. There could be whole networks that can be upgraded to share data at extreme speeds. If implemented, we’ll probably see that happen to over seas in places like South Korea as they destroy everyone in StarCraft. Thanks to our cable companies, we’ll probably be lagging behind.

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