Lithium Sulfur Batteries

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads there’s an increasing need for rare metals such as cobalt, lithium, and nickel. Not only has Tesla’s stocks been on the rise but so too has the cost of making their batteries. The need to make a lighter and more cost-effective method for powering electric car is a necessity to minimize cost and potentially maximize profit. Sulfur lithium batteries might be the answer to the lowing the costs of building an electric car.

The main problem with a sulfur lithium battery is how the electrolyte is affected over time. Lithium tends to bond with the oxygen and fluorine when sulfur is the anode. As the battery is charged and discharged it wears down faster and eventually becomes completely useless. This calls for a different type of electrolyte.

A carbon matrix has been the solution for the electrolyte problem with plenty of space for it to expand and contract through out charging cycles. These batteries need to breath in order to survive. The added space reduces the degradation of the lithium cathode giving the battery more longevity than its liquid electrolyte predecessors. But this is the best solution so far and has yet to live up to the standards that current lithium batteries have held.

In the coming years we may see longer lasting phones, electric cars, and laptop batteries. No longer will we have to cling to the wall sockets charging our out of date phones every twelve hours, but we can have phones that stay powered for days. People with electric cars won’t have to deal with the stress of being in the middle of nowhere without a charging station. With a bit more research and trial and error, cheaper long lasting batteries could be achievable in the next few years.


Looking for an energy source for your future long lasting battery?

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