Sustainable Sand: Engineering Cleaner Water

Fresh water is one of the things we take for granted in the first world. We can just go to the sink and turn on the faucet. With exceptions to Flint Michigan, we have pretty easy access to drinking water. However, with climate change on the rise, our methods on how to obtain fresh water may have to change. The desert cities may not receive the life-giving rain fall that they so desperately require and for the most part and run off water is contaminated. This is where science and engineer has developed a solution: Sustainable sand.    

The black manganese oxide sand can latch on to cancer causing chemicals such as lead and pesticides, then filter it. This means that storm water can be collected from the gutters and transferred to aquifers. This could be a game changer for areas such as Los Angeles were the streets are saturated with oil, debris, and other contaminates.     


The UC Berkeley made compound could be used in the third world as well. Possibly restoring the Ganges river in India or finally cleaning up the drinking water in Flint Michigan. It could be used to help clean up oil that is slowly leaking into the gulf coast from some of the off shore oil rigs. It’s not a miracle compound, but it can help take care of chemicals such as cadmium and bisphenol A.

If Sustainable sand can be implemented, then clean water can be more readily available in those dry months. It’s already being tested in Sonoma and Los Angeles. Hopefully it can be implemented worldwide. Places plagued by pollution can be livable again. The cancer of our past environmental mistakes doesn’t have to affect our future and our heath.

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