Google’s AI and it’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

Cancer doesn’t care what we are doing in our lives, who we love, who loves us back, where we are financially, or if we are up to our eyeballs in dept. It will target us at random and kill without feeling. All it ever takes is one mutation that refuses to die and we have a tumor on our hands. With breast cancer effecting one-in-eight women in the United States, Google has stepped up to the plate with their cutting-edge AI.

The AI was put to the test on thirty thousand new mammograms after being trained on different cases in the US and the UK. It powered through fifteen thousand cases from the United Sates and thirty thousand from the United Kingdom before it was ready to take on new cases. With all that input, they had to test it out against a human element. Much like the super computer Deep Blue, it proved it was better at spotting tumors than the radiologist.

Google’s AI is not perfect, but it yields better results. It’s been shown to reduce false positives by five-point seven percent and false negatives by nine-point four percent in the US. However, it’s only it’s only reduced false positives by one-point two percent and false negatives by two-point seven in the UK. It’s still needs a trained radiologist standing by to catch some of the things it misses.

Hopefully in the coming years, beast cancer will be a thing of the past. But until then, this is a major step forward. Man and machine coming together to save lives. Algorithms and trained eyes catching tumors before they have a chance to spread. It’s a road to a brighter future.


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