Technology: Bionics

Losing a limb is the worst thing that could happen in our lives. One day, on the job, our legs could be crushed by a steel bar and we have to get it amputated. Other things in life could lead to the loss of an appendage such as: infectious diseases, car accidents, and encountering an IED. There’s a ton of ways to lose an arm or a leg and statically, three hundred to five hundred people need to have some kind of amputation daily. Thankfully due to advantages in technology, losing a limb can hopefully just become a minor inconvenience.

With advances in research on how the nervous system works scientist can now plant a chip in the brain that controls the functions of a bionic arm. It doesn’t even need to be a chip, there’s some artificial appendages that can be pressed by the left-over mussels in the severed limb. They may be slow in this day and age, but it gives new life to those of us who’ve had their lives drastically altered due to some unfortunate circumstances.

We might be satisfied with just having the ability to have our dexterous hands back, but the researchers at Sandford University have taken it a step farther. By building a synthetic nervous system, they’ve managed to make a system that the body will not reject. Not only does it mesh better, but it paves the way for having artificial skin that can feel touch, temperature, and pressure. It may even give you the sense of taste, (I don’t judge).

The future of bionics is a bright one. We don’t have to live with the fear of losing an arm or a leg thanks to advances in technology. Maybe this field is something that a few of us might be interested in. With a sound understanding of anatomy and robotics, we could make the merger of man and machine common in our daily lives. We could be overclocking our minds rather than our computers.


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