We may never see new worlds in our lifetime. We may never see the first human to land on Mars, (sorry Elon Musk). One thing we will see in our life times is the advancement in robotics. With companies like Boston Dynamics, Hankook Mirae Technology, and Moley we’re more likely to see the rise of robotics.

We’ve grown up watching Star Wars and Star Trek and seeing bipedal robots portrayed in those shows, but now they exist in our time. With Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, we have this surprisingly agile robot that can run through obstacle courses and do some tumbling. It has been amazing to watch them go from these heavy headless horse like robots that have to constantly move their legs to watching a humanoid automaton do parkour.

Bipedal mechs have been in video games, movies, and shows for the past forty years. Now, thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology, we have the first proto-type mech. It may be slow while walking, but it’s a start. The hand movements is where this peice of equipment really shines though. The arm movements are amazing and easy for the pilot to control. This Korean company did an amazing job at recreating the armored fighting machine from James Cameron’s Avatar.

Cooking isn’t for everyone. Some of us are lazy and rather have a world class chief be emulated into a machine and make our dinners for us. This is where Moley comes into play. It’s basically a pair of robotic arms that does it all. It cleans, preps meals, and can learn new recipes. It was set to come out in 2017, but there hasn’t been too many updates since 2016.

We may not have an age of exploration, but at least we can see the rise of machines. The robotic industry is advancing everyday. It’s amazing to see these machines in our lifetime. Maybe one day, one of these robots could be part of our daily lives.


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