Coding and Modding

Life is boring, but we have our digital escapes. One such escape comes in the form of video games. But we’re not just limited to just programming games when it comes to coding. In today’s world there’s plenty of applications for coding and programming.

With a background in programming, one could have a future in cyber security, creating code that makes it harder to hack emails. Maybe one day the bosses computer starts receiving viruses and creating an in house antivirus program saves the day. Programming could be the ticket to a promotion, or creating a virus that destroys the computer of someone we dislike.


Sometimes there’s that one game that we’ve played for days and have run out of things to do in it. Modding gives us the option to keep playing that same game, but breath new life into it. Dipping deep into the code and creating a new object or destroying game physics to breath new life into our favorite game. Of course to make a new game object it wouldn’t hurt to know how to use some 3d graphic program.

With the skills of programming we could make new soft wares to start a new business. Coding could be applied to create an AI for robotics. Bots could be then used for a ton of repetitive tasks that we have no desire in doing.

With the right know how, we can achieve great things with programming. Weather we are passionate about video games or robotics, there’s no end to what can be accomplished by learning computer language. We can even weave our own realities.

Here’s some links that will help with programming and 3D graphics:

Creating Your Own Programming Language

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